This website is for Maureen’s friends so we can provide regular updates

Maureen Anstey


About ten days ago Maureen fell and broke her ankle. Her situation then deteriorated quickly, and she was brought to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctor did tests and discovered that she was suffering from not just a broken ankle but long-term medical disorders.

Her current condition is very serious as she is currently battling multi-organ failure.

She has kidney failure and is on 24-hour dialysis, liver damage, enlarged spleen, and is in excruciating pain from her broken ankle. We have been told there is a possibility of lymphoma which may be the underlying cause but is yet to be determined. She will likely have bone marrow testing to test for cancer. At the moment she is, scared, confused and is suffering greatly.

Ways to help:


Leave Maureen a voicemail, and we will put the phone up to her ear. Her face lights up when she hears familiar voices.

If you can, a donation to help her with her medical costs.

Hospital visiting info:

She is currently in ICU at Fairfax hospital, and they are only very limited visits for family and clergy.

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  1. So sad about all of this. I am hoping and praying for the best. Love to her and both of you. Wishing you strength and courage.

  2. I so love you my sweet Esther….I am praying for nothing but the will of the Father…I pray Shalom, that your Abba will wrap you in His loving arms and rock you. I pray healing as I’ve seen first hand what prayers to the father, in Yeshuas name can do. I want all He wants for you. You are so loved, and if He chooses to be your husband, so be it. But I petition Heaven on your behalf, that nothing you are going through will be wasted, and that He will work all things out for His glory, just as you would want Him to. Love you, Gerry ❤

  3. Maureen,
    My precious friend, I love you very much and am praying that God will sustain you through this ordeal. He has you in the palm of His hand and loves you far more than you know. Listen for His whisper in your ear. I know He is proud of what you have done for His glory here on this earth. I ask that you will know His perfect peace shown us in the awesome love of His Son, Yeshua.
    May healing surround you,

  4. Angela and Shone,
    We are so sorry, please receive all of our condolences. We will miss our dear friend greatly. Maureen will live on in all of our hearts, and with each passing year you will find more and new ways in which she influenced you, and so still lives on in you. Israel has lost our modern day Esther, but God Almighty has not forgotten her deeds. May God comfort you greatly. All of the Friedmans

  5. I cannot possibly begin to express my profound sadness for this incredible loss to all of us who knew and loved Maureen. Maureen was like an angel, who gently floated through our lives. She was a passionate, committed and ardent Zionist and had a gentle persuasive manner about herself. Maureen was the consummate lady, who in her polite, lovely manner would do what ever she could possibly do to help our people and the state of Israel. She will be sorely and forever missed.

  6. My heart is broken. What an honor and privilege to have known and loved Maureen. Praying comfort for all family and friends devastated by her passing. We have lost a giant. Psalm 31, Job 1:21

  7. I have no words, our loss is heaven’s gain. I pray the Shalom of G-d that passes all understanding will guard and keep each one – most especially Maureen’s family. With love and gratitude for meeting such an amazing woman!

  8. Our Esther is done with her task her on earth. She was used by Hashem to go and do many great things for our Lord. She was a shining example of tenacity and faithfulness. We will sorely miss her but can take comfort that she is with Jesus in heaven. Right to the very end she gave her best for her God and for Israel even when she didn’t want to. Let us take her life as an example and strive to be more like her. Thank you Father that she is in heaven working in our behalf still. We will never forget her. I will tell my grandchildren about her and how she lived as an example for them to follow. I love you Maureen. See you on burning bush lane in heaven.

  9. What a sad day for all of us who knew and loved Maureen. We all will miss her elegant manner with a warrior spirit.
    I am sure our Heavenly Father has told her, “WELL DONE, GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVENT”.
    While I am so sad for her family, I am happy that Maureen is free of all the pain and the heavy burden she felt for her people. The batoun is now past to the next runner.
    I am so thankful that G-d has brought me into contact with Maureen. She was and will continue to be a blessing to all who knew her, remembering all her words of wisdom.
    See you later, Maureen.

  10. Angela and Shone,
    We are so sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. She was an incredible creative woman. Praying for both of you. Much Love, David and Jean Dorris

  11. Maureen was truly a princess with God and to all of us. She was an amazing person and friend who we will greatly miss. To Angela and
    and Maureens family we send our love and prayers to cover you at this difficult time. Our hearts are with you. Bart and Deborah Kellogg

  12. Maureen passing it is a hard breaking for all of us and I cannot imagine for her kids and family.
    אנג׳לה יקירה ושאן היקר, ראשית תנחומי על מות אמכם שהיא כל-כך מקסימה. אין מילים שמתארות את הכאב שלכם וגם שלנו החברות שלה.
    רציתי לשאול שאלה קלה אם אפשר לארגן להתכנס אצל הרב, פיינלד, שכול מי שרוצה שיגיע.
    אם אפשר צריך בבקשה לפני שבת שהרבי ישלח אימייל
    אני חושבת שהחברים יירצו להתכנס ואני מקווה שזה יהי טוב גם למשפחה.
    תודה, יהודית

  13. Angela and Shone,
    As you read the above posts and eliquent tributes from people who lives your mom, you can see how deeply she touched us, and how big a footprint she has left behind. She was a woman with grace and courage, an Esther for our times. She was authentic, genuine, “the real deal” as she said of others.
    What will forever define her life is her love for her children and family (and friends) and her live for Israel and her people. Your mom was so proud of both of you ! She treasured every moment she spent with you.
    The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.

  14. Dear Angela, Shone, and Maureen’s Family and Friends,
    Thank you for the beautiful comforting words about our precious Maureen. I had the privilege of being one of the many people who prayed with and for Maureen over the past 25 yrs. She really cherished all your prayers. It’s been a wonderful journey with an amazing woman who loved all of you and asked for prayer and prayed for you!
    I so appreciate the adventures I had with Maureen and can not fathom not getting a phone call or text from her requesting prayer. Maureen you will truly be missed!

    Much love to everyone!
    Shabbat Shalom,
    Rose Ann Moore
    From California

  15. I learned of Maureen’s illness Thursday night in Torah study with Rabbi Fanjland. She and I attended CHABAD Reston-Herndon. Today, at services, the Rabbi announced she had passed away. We all said a prayer for Maureen while we did the kiddush after services. One man offered a cemetery plot for her because we were told burial plans were not known After leaving the rabbi’s house I immediately called Annette Scheel to learn more and spoke to Maureen’s daughter to express my deep sorrow and offer any assistance I can. I loved Maureen so much She introduced me to the group EMET and I attended some of their fine lectures. I learned a lot of about Israeli politics from Maureen. Her perspective made me more of a Zionist than ever. She will be missed by so many people, both here and Israel, and our Christian Zionist community in Virginia, which I love, too. Zichrona l’Bracha. Baruch Hashem

  16. Marty and I are so very, very, very sad to hear of Maureen’s passing. We have seen her over the last few years at the Messiah Conference in Grantham PA, where I would have expected to see her next week.

    Our prayers are with her family. I am grateful I know that Maureen is with the Lord…

  17. We are so shocked and saddened to learn of Maureen’s passing. We lost touch with her in the past couple of years but the previous 20 years praying with and for this mighty little warrior of Yeshua’s were beyond words! We were left astounded at G-d’s work thru her each time we finished a “catch up” time or a “believe with me” time over the phone or after a visit in our home. She was very much loved in the group here in Nashville. And our love and prayers go out now to you, her family…..we “knew” you even though we never met you. We loved her very much. Rest assured that as she walks with Him, she is still one of the Lord’s most cherished servants!

  18. Deepest and very sincere condolences to Maureen’s family…..we lost her suddenly and sadly we will always miss her.

    An example of Maureen’s sincerity and exhuberance……within an hour of her meeting my daughter, she had convinced her to go to Israel with IDF tour, get involved, shared her enthusiasm and smileingly, convinced her to sign up.

    Will miss my beautiful, warm friend.

  19. My heart breaks at the thought of not being able to sit with you, drink something cool and talk about things that matter to us. I miss you. Your quiet, steady voice of faith and reason speaks softly in my ear right now. All is well, Maureen. My head knows that, my heart would have had it another way.
    Angela and Shone, you are her legacy. Her love and pride in you knew no bounds. I pray peace for you and your family as you walk through this time.

  20. Dear Angela and Shone,
    I am so sad about Maureen’s quick flight to heaven (as a friend
    said to me the other day). I love your Mother and even had the privilege of meeting your Grandmother, Peggy, and later your Grandfather. My family is shocked and grieved. She stayed with us from time to time and the Maureen we knew was a light in this world, a dear friend and one we look forward to seeing again. I am sending you both love from the Moessner Family in Nashville. So sorry we couldn’t come to Maureen’s Memorial Service. Let us know if there is anything we can do. With special love, Linda Moessner

  21. Maureen, you left us too soon. I would have loved to hear your voice again and laugh with you. You always saw the irony, always saw the humor despite the universal pain in the world. I send my love to Shone and Angela. May the light of the Father’s love guide you in the following days and months as you try and come to grips with this shocking development. Love to you both.

  22. So sorry Shone and Angela to hear of your dear Mom Maureen passing away. She was a dear person, warm, loving, caring, and compassionate. Precious is the gift of a dear Mother, she loved you both so much.
    Her zeal and commitment for Israel was an example for all of us who knew her. She ran the race a 100% and gave her all to
    what God had laid upon her heart.
    …she has fought the good fight of faith, finished the race, there
    is laid up for her a crown of righteousness.. for those who so
    loved Him. 2Tim 4:7
    May Gods peace and comfort be with you Angela and Shone at this time, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Shalom from Barbara in BC

  23. Dear Angela, Shone and Family,
    Maureen was one of the most pleasant and caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and calling friend. We had great times at the conferences we were both attending, and with our phone visits , praying and discussing many topics. Maureen was a true champion for the causes of her, and our, Jewish people, and for the nation of Israel. She leaves a great legacy in her many accomplishments for the better good of mankind. She will be greatly missed by many people and organizations that she was active in. Angela and Shone, know that your mother loved you deeply and prayed for you often. I am humbled and honored to have known her and to have had the opportunity to have washed her feet. Our faith and hope is in the resurrection. I look forward to seeing her again in Abba Yah’s Kingdom. I pray comfort and shalom to be in and upon each you in Messiah Yahshua’s name. Amen. Please contact me sometime to let me know how you are doing and if I can help in any way. Much Ahava!
    Perry Ennis
    Greenville, NC

  24. Dear Angela and Shone, Hearing of your Mom’s passing sent a shock wave through her “community” of friends here in B.C. Even though our contact with her over the past several years was infrequent every time a connection was made it was as if we were together yesterday. Her strong convictions and unique artistic creativity are fore front memories of her . Just knowing she is no longer present on earth has left a vacuum but the hope of someday being reunited is so comforting!

  25. I am a Christian friend of my dear Maureen. I wish to post a prayer, as her family is in my prayers to this day….Dear Father, I pray all the work for your kingdom that Maureen started, would continue. I ask blessings on her children, blessings that would bring them so into your presence that shalom would flood their souls. Father I know my beautiful sister is at your feet in worship….may her legacy here bring many others to your throne when they pass thru their time here. I ask all these things in Yeshuas name, amen. ❤

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