Funeral Service Date and Time

A funeral service, internment, and reception for Maureen will take place on Sun, July 9th at 11 am at the National Funeral Home, 7482 Lee Highway, VA, 22042. Directions can be found here. Maureen will be laid to rest in the King David section.

We welcome all of Maureen’s friends who wish to attend, however, if you can post a reply below to let us know you are coming, that would be appreciated.

Several of Maureen’s friends have asked how they can help offset funeral and medical costs with a donation. This is not something we had anticipated, however, the kindness is appreciated. As such, an opportunity for those who wish to donate will be made at the service. We have also created a digital option here.

At the funeral, we will have a digital photo montage. If you have any digital photos of Maureen you would like to share, please send them to We will look through the ones on hand, along with the ones sent to us, and try and determine which work best together for the montage.

With warm regards,

Maureen’s family





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  1. Dearest Angela and Shone, and all the Smythe family –
    We are grieving along with you all over Maureen’s sudden passing… may you be comforted in knowing that she did not have to suffer long – and by how many people loved and appreciated her. We are so sorry we aren’t able to come from BC for the funeral. She was like family to us as well – our friend for over 40 years! We shared so many experiences (both joyful and sad) that sometimes our lives seemed to be intertwined. She was a visionary and a discerner of spiritual realities… and a shining example of dedication to the calling God had given her. She was instrumental in inspiring our own involvement with Israel, and the full account of all her accomplishments for the sake of her beloved adopted land will not likely be known until we meet again on the ‘other side’… Most of all, though, she loved and valued her kids – always remember that. May you experience the love, strength, courage and grace that she embodied in facing the coming days. And about all, the shalom only God can give.

  2. Dear Angela & Shone,
    It will be my honor and privilege to pay my respects on Sunday. Having never met, you I feel like I know you through the heart & words of your mother. As others have said she is truly a modern-day Esther. She and I connected on so many levels it is hard to describe. She will be missed by me and by many, but I’m sure even more by you two. I pray the shalom of G-d will comfort you and keep you. That the space will shine upon you and grant you peace.

  3. Susan and Samuel Lewis will attend on Sunday. We are thinking of you and of our dear friend Maureen.

  4. Sheri will be attending on sunday. My thoughts are with Ms. Anstey’s family and friends. She was a wonderful lady and a blessing to many. May God rest Ms. Anstey in internal peace! Sheri

  5. John Calvin will attend the service on Sunday. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. May be granted peace at this time of anguish.

    John Calvin

  6. Dear family,
    Sending my sincere condolences at such a difficult time. Maureen has always had a significant place in my heart, and we enjoyed reconnecting over the past year. Although I cannot be at the service, I will be with you in spirit. May you be comforted by Maureen’s wonderful community of friends, your memories of her, and the knowledge that she really made a difference and an impact on so many people.
    Much love,
    Cousin Sue (Steveston, BC)

  7. Dear Angela and family,
    The news of Maureen’s passing came as such a shock! I am so sorry for your loss and wish I could have been at the service on Sunday.
    I just wanted to tell you that Maureen and I used to talk about our daughters all the time. I am a makeup artist at NBC and my daughter is a cartographer and on weekends works for NBC as a makeup artist too. Maureen and I shared many hours at work and told many stories about our families. She came to my house several times to go on hikes and join in different events. She loved my art and I loved her amazing ability to bring people together! I considered a good friend and feel the loss acutely.
    I can only send love to you and your family and wishes for good health in the future.
    With much empathy and condolences to you and your family,

  8. Hi Angela and Shone

    I am so saddened to hear of dear sweet Maureen’s untimely passing.
    Maureen was one of those people who exuded warmth and love. Her love for her family was evident in the way her face lit up while regaling (so many) stories about you all which she loved to share.
    I was fortunate to work alongside her for many years at the networks and on freelance jobs and will sorely miss her.
    She was so beautiful, inside and out.
    My two favorite memories of Maureen was when she came to me for Passover one year and brought a bottle of Polish Bison Grass Vodka. She had gone to an event at the Polish embassy and was given the vodka (which she never drank) so brought it for me. That vodka quickly became my go to adult beverage and I always think of her fondly when I open up the bottle.
    The other memory is from when I was going through a divorce. I was working with Maureen at FoxNews and was having a particularly difficult day. She called me out the room and there she was standing with a huge big beautiful bouquet of flowers (that she’d summoned her boyfriend Michael to go and buy), to brighten my day. What a lovely, kind, generous, thoughtful gesture that was.
    I will greatly miss seeing Maureen on the makeup circuit and more so knowing her as a friend.
    I passed news of Maureen’s passing onto fellow makeup artists and every single one was devastated and only had the nicest things to say about her. She truly was a gem and a great talent in the industry.
    My thoughts and condolences go out to you both and to the rest of her family.
    As we say in South Africa, I wish you “Long Life”!
    Unfortunately I found out about Maureen’s passing and funeral too late to be with you all and am sorry for that.

    (sent this via email too, but not sure if I had correct address)

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